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Getting involved

Study the issues

I don’t know much about politics, where do I begin?

This section on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is designed to help you to:
1. learn about the Christian Party;
2. see the need for Christian politics;
3. brush up on the current issues;
4. direct you to our detailed policies.

You can keep up to date by viewing the news items on our regularly updated pages. Click here for a quick, initial overview.

Coaching to speak in public

Our winter programme of Public Conversations has concluded and the next phase in our local programme is to provide coaching to develop personal Christian conversation in your daily life.

1. we need Christian voices in public;
2. we need faith, courage and Christian conviction to speak up; but
3. this needs training because there are so few Christian mentors in the public arena.

​There are many advantages to having a Christian political party, and one of these is to provide training in personal development to have a Christian voice.  Even the best need coaching.  The best sporting personalities have multiple coaches.


Will I waste my vote on a new Party? ​Here’s something to ponder.  Besides, is any vote proclaiming Christ’s Lordship wasted?  Further, you could waste it voting for a mainline Party.  How? Click here to find out.

Help us support Christians to stand in the political arena