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Scottish Christian Party's Scottish Vision

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The leader of the Scottish Christian Party outlined the Scottish Christian Party’s vision for Scotland at the annual conference in Inverness on 21 March 2015.

Dr Donald Boyd said that the Scottish National Party (SNP) had yet to give us a Scottish Vision.  The SNP wants an independent, nuclear-free and socialist Scotland.  There is nothing uniquely Scottish about this; other countries have the same aim.

In the Scottish Referendum debate, the SNP had abandoned its former policy to join the euro and claimed that it would use the British pound.  This was a device to persuade Scottish people to vote for independence, but Dr Boyd surmised that in an independent Scotland, the SNP would complain that the British pound is designed to help the English economy, and it would agitate to join the euro and become a region of the European superstate.  This is not a Scottish vision but simply an agenda to replace an English speaking union of nations with a larger non-English speaking union of nations.

The Scottish Christian Party has a better vision for Scotland.

In the morning session, Dr Boyd placed the subject in the context of the wider United Kingdom, then he dealt with it separately in the afternoon session.

The SCP Vision for Scotland covers:

  • Rebalancing and redirecting Scotland’s international trade
  • Improving international links
  • Opening the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to central belt and countrywide trade
  • Developing the transport links through Inverness to accomplish this
  • Banking reform
  • Education reform

Dr Donald Boyd, the leader of the SCP said: “I am very pleased that we have a better message for Scotland than the SNP, and that we have a manifesto for the whole United Kingdom, with the opportunity at election time to show the electorate that there are better solutions.   

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