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Christian Party Membership Become a member of The Christian Party today and proclaim Christ’s Lordship.

Sign up or renew your membership

Monthly membership fee: £2 per month by direct debit paid online here or £2 per month by PayPal.

Or you can choose to pay your membership yearly: £30 per year to cover the extra administration by any other method.

Please complete this form first, and payment will be arranged after completion.

For new members only

New members must be witnessed and approved by two leaders or elders of the Church you attend, and a fellow Christian brother or sister who has known you for at least 3 years.

Please make the following declaration to your witnesses and then ask them to complete and send the witness forms below. BOTH of these witness forms must be completed before your membership can be processed and confirmed. 

Witness form 1

Witness form 2

Unsubscribe from the party

If you wish to cancel your membership to the UK Christian party please send an email to and then use the link below to cancel your payments.

Help us support Christians to stand in the political arena