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Energy and the environment

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it”
Genesis 2:15

There is a responsibility on Government to provide affordable energy in a sustainable manner that enhances the environment without abusing it.

New technology is enabling traditional energy sources to be more cost effective and less polluting than before, and to this degree we support hydro-electric, coal, oil, gas and nuclear.

Renewable energy is commendable but only tidal energy appears to be truly sustainable because it is more reliable even than solar.  Wave energy is more difficult to harness, is more likely to interfere with surface human activity, and can be as unpredictable as the wind.  Large scale wind power is not cost effective but micro-schemes may be helpful for difficult locations.

We believe that the future in renewable energy is most likely to be in solar and tidal energy, being clean, consistent, cost-effective and does not damage the environment.

Just as the Christian Party aims for a minimal domestic income, which would have helped to sustain homes during the coronavirus pandemic, so the Party aims for energy sufficiency for the consumer to lift people out of fuel poverty and improve the daily lives of individuals.

Environmental pollution

The Christian Party is opposed to low-burning incinerators, in-built obsolescence, insurance schemes encouraging non-salvage, building on flood plains at the tax-payers’ expense, and the uncontrolled destruction of the world’s forests.

We support salvage schemes, recycling schemes, appropriate tree planting and management initiatives, and electric cars and trains.

Climate change

The Christian Party agrees with the noticeable change in terminology from global warming to the more realistic climate change.  While we understand that some of this is man-made, it is as likely or possibly more likely to be solar generated.

The Christian Party supports greater transparency in the debate for reliable data, and it opposes vested academic and economic interests, which has destroyed trust in many forms of authority, not only in the political, but even in the scientific world.

A sabbath rest

As a contribution to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, the observance of a weekly Sabbath day of rest would contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions to say nothing of the beneficial effects upon domestic and community life. This has already been demonstrated during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.  The Christian Party shall promote this healthier lifestyle.

A re-ordering of values is needed that prioritizes a sustainable work/life balance. Such a re-balance will not only benefit the environment; but it will also benefit individuals.

Supporting biodiversity

The Christian Party is committed to supporting, protecting and enhancing biodiversity in Britain. 

The Christian Party will ring-fence the fines from industrial polluters for the promotion of natural woodland, fens and reintroduction of endangered indigenous species.

Managing water

The Christian Party recognises that whilst Britain’s water management system has brought many benefits, especially in terms of sanitation, the current levels of our water tables need an urgent review of water management. The Christian Party will support practical measures to replenish the nation’s underground water tables.
The issues arising from increased flooding require the Government and the Environment Agency to pay more attention to the views of local farmers and landowners.

Fracking/hydraulic fracturing

Whilst the Government is keen to promote potential jobs and investment and to secure energy supplies for the future, the Christian Party has grave concerns about the cost to the countryside of fracking, even if the argument for economic benefit was true. The US has clearly demonstrated fracking has serious issues, and Total, having been banned from fracking in France by the French Parliament in 2011 and the constitutional court in 2013, turned its sights on the UK countryside.  We support the current moratorium on fracking in the UK.

Green taxes

The Christian Party supports proper stewardship of our resources but rejects global ‘green’ taxes.  We support the removal of the controversial carbon tax.

Christian party members of parliament will:

  • Challenge the ‘business as usual’ approach where increasing levels of consumption have eaten into the ecological capital of the world.
  • Call for the restoration of Sunday as a day of rest, to allow reflection by individuals and communities on the role they have to play. A re-ordering of values is needed..
  • Seek a new global financial system which supports fair and sustainable use of resources.
  • Press for substantial cuts in CO2 and other greenhouse gases to meet the imperative of keeping global average temperature increases as far below 2C as possible. This requires cuts in the range of 25-40% below 1990 levels by 2020.
  • Oppose the destructive practice of fracking and encourage conventional fossil fuel extraction.

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