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Next Elections 

General Election coming up in 2024Want to get involved ?

We’re looking for community focused, business minded Christians who want to make a difference in their local community. We can take you from the side lines and help you become the decision maker. We have seen positive changes across the UK in our local communities because Christians have  Written business plans Rescued a public building for entertainment and events Stopped a multi-million pound incinerator project, informed 120,000 people of the truth of the damage it can cause, and exposed the manipulation behind the plans       Called other political leaders to account  Represented and spoken on behalf of our town in the UK and Europe Stood in elections at every level of office in the UK since 2006  Persuaded other party candidates around to our way of thinking e.g. marriage debate  Created new tourism events which benefited our local communities e.g. Cycle Fest, European Food Market  Established several Christian schools in London and Scotland  Taken over leadership roles in a local council, a scout group, a tourism regeneration project and the Chamber of Trade & Tourism  Debated in hustings, on radio and TV and other events Spoken on US radio on Dr. Brown’s The Line of Fire  Written numerous press articles and regular blogs  Been a constant media voice on current issues  Supported a legal team in the High Court against the government  Petitioned the European Court of Human Rights over a Christian freedom issue We need people with skills in all policy areas to help develop our manifesto. We need people willing to speak on behalf of the party. We need people willing to debate wherever there’s an opportunity. Are you willing to stand up for your local community in local elections and put yourself forward as a candidate ? It’s time we had people with common sense, integrity and passion running our country again. If this is you, please call us today on 01597 825151 or email

England County Council Elections, 2017-2023

Some Councils in England will be up for re-election this May. This is a great opportunity for Christians to get involved in their local councils and step into the political arena. Local Councils are are superb training ground. Some seats are even filled uncontested. If you’re a more experienced councillor and you’ve set your sights on bigger goals, no problem. We have stood candidates for positions from local councillors to London Mayors and MPs in England, MSPs for the Scottish Government and MSs for the Welsh Senedd so we can help you too.  If the council seats which represent you are up for re-election in May 2023, and this sounds like you, please give us a call today and we can talk through what’s involving standing for the Christian Party in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. If you share our passion for the policies we know are right and will make lives better for all people in the United Kingdom, make that call today and get involved. 

The schedule of elections for England over a four year period is staggered. you will need to know how your council is classified in order to establish when your next county council elections are to be held.

Election Timetable in England

Help us support Christians to stand in the political arena