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Respect for the human person

‘Let us make man in our own image’
Genesis 1:27

Only lip-service is paid to the claim that we are all equal under the law.  The Equality Act 2010 and subsequent case law has produced a pecking order of equalities.  The Christian Party will restore proper respect for our neighbour by removing the inequalities in UK equalities legislation.

The artificially-created equality of opportunity in job-seeking has not carried over into the workplace, where many workers find themselves bullied and abused to the extent that their mental health suffers with a knock-on effect in their domestic life.  The Christian Party will address abusive practices in the workplace that treat workers as machines instead of human beings.

Such attitudes arise from a failure to truly respect the human person.  This failure is seen in the growing exposure of appalling abuse in many care homes, the multiple examples of corruption in public life, the growing identification of abuse of children and the long-standing policy of aborting ‘unwanted children’ in the womb.  Instead of pandering to the selfish desires of those who do not want children conceived in the womb, the Christian Party teaches the true value of each human being and promotes respect for each person throughout their existence from the womb to the tomb, and beyond the grave, ‘for the memory of the just is blessed’.

The Christian Party will address the secular death-culture manifest in abortion and voluntary euthanasia.  Nearly 25% of babies were aborted in the UK in 2018, 98% being carried out for social reasons, contrary to the assurances during the passage of the Abortion Act 1967.  It is time to revisit this legislation, to criminalise social abortions and call them murder.  The Christian Party resists the attempt to decriminalise all abortion throughout the UK.  The Labour Party Manifesto 2019 stated: “We will uphold women’s reproductive rights and decriminalise abortions.”  This, in effect, makes abortion available up to birth.  It also makes it a gender issue, ignoring the father’s rights, and gender-selected abortion is an abomination that Parliament failed to address in 2015.  The Christian Party will champion the rights of the unborn child.  The Bible makes plain the generational consequences of shedding “innocent blood” 2 Kings 24:4.  Successive UK Governments have blood on their hands.  In line with the dogmatism of secularism, conscientious objection is being dropped from this topic.  The employment choices for Christians are being limited, demonstrating the partial and unequal provisions of the Equality Act 2010.  It also promotes a professional working environment skewed in favour of this death-culture by excluding those who disagree with it.

Respect acknowledges differences.  There is beauty and strength in diversity and the Christian Party encourages the love of our neighbour as they are, with their differences.  However, we acknowledge that no-one is the finished article and we need each other to develop our full potential.  The probability of going wrong is very high, and whereas many people go wrong about abortion, so they can go wrong about gender, sexuality and many other matters.  The Judaeo-Christian ethic has been so successful throughout history because it suits the human condition, and the Christian Gospel teaches the need for change for the better.

In this context, the attack on organisations that teach the need to repent or change one’s mind, whether it be religious opinions or ‘conversion therapy’ used by Core Issues Trust for those who express the desire to change from homosexual behaviour, demonstrates the aggressive nature of such attempts to shut down debate, remove services shut down organisations, charities and businesses.

Christianity has always taught the need to change for the better, but aggressive secularism manifests that it does not really respect their neighbour but only their own opinions, to which others must conform on pain of being shut down either by government, the law, social hysteria or mob rule.

The Christian Party will address the fragmentation of equalities that has produced an artificial pecking order and the skewing of rights that now threatens people’s employment, business decisions and standards, and even social cohesion through a failure to respect our neighbour.

We will reduce and amalgamate government departments which thrive on promoting differences in the name of equality.   These departments exist because of the failure in society to respect one’s neighbour.  The Christian Party’s educational policy will address this, not only in educational establishments but in public life.

We will utilise the collective knowledge and skills in the departments for Equalities, Disabilities, women’s and gender rights and amalgamate them into one department with a Minister for Social Cohesion who will oversee the balanced application of respect across the board, eliminating the competition and pecking order in budget allocation and, more importantly, in policy itself, which is distorting employment rights and threatening economic development.

We value relationships and the dignity of every individual above material possessions and materialism, and along with economic development and prosperity must go improved social relationships, which the Christian Party will promote in its long-term development plan.

Consistent with this, the Christian Party is opposed to abortion and voluntary euthanasia. Between these two extremes of disrespect for human life, there are many abuses in society, the workplace and domestic life.  Tabloid journalism destroys families with gay abandon.  Forced adoption destroys fundamental relationships lifelong.  The Christian Party supports legislation to deal with these abuses and the development of a system for the mandatory reporting of sexual exploitation of children in educational and social environments and of adults in the workplace.   The Christian Party will support those with disabilities, the elderly and the vulnerable.

The Christian Party’s long-term development plan will address these abuses.  We support life in all its fullness and aim to facilitate this through our policy on education.

Christian party members of parliament will:

  • Oppose abortion.
  • Support funding for hospices which provide terminal or palliative care for adults, children and infants.
  • Outlaw voluntary, non-voluntary and involuntary euthanasia by omission or by direct act, including neonatal euthanasia.
  • Support legislation to prevent the patenting of natural genetic material, modifications to the human germline and the trade in sperm, ova and human beings at the embryonic stage of development.
  • End the practise of human cloning and the destruction of human embryos.
  • Seek the nationwide provision of pro-life pregnancy care services, including provision of accommodation for women made homeless by pregnancy, pregnant women with special needs and one-parent families.
  • Oppose moves to impose abortion on Northern Ireland.
  • Introduce random audits of abortion cases to verify compliance with present legislation. Where breaches are found prosecutions should follow and clinicians investigated by their appropriate professional bodies.
  • Call for the legal acknowledgement of post-abortion trauma as a medical condition that pertains to women who have had an abortion, thereby ensuring recognition for the millions of women who have been violated, and make available funding for post-abortion counselling.
  • Withdraw government aid from any agency which promotes abortion or euthanasia.
  • Challenge the culture of death by seeking legislation which confers the full protection of the law on all human life from the conception until natural death.

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