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General Election 2024


We then entered into an unprecedented sixteen months of Covid lockdowns in the UK and across the world from March 2020 unto June 2021. Business as usual took many months to get back to any kind of normality and many businesses never recovered. Government policies were at best guesswork, vaccinations were rushed through, education for our young people was disrupted greatly and over the Covid pandemic, 24 million cases were reported and 232, 112 deaths were recorded (1%). We must be cautious with data as death certificates that mentioned Covid-19 might not have been the full cause but a contributory factor. Whatever the real number was, Covid is still with us. Poor political decisions were made and the enquiry rumbles on costing the taxpayer still. Have we learnt anything individually or as a nation and what would we do differently if another pandemic came along ?         

Preparing for the next General Election

Many people in the UK who are paying attention, like us, must be despairing as one bad law follows another. Do they not see the damage they are causing to the NHS, to the education, to our young people, to our infrastructure ? What is most depressing is the lack of stickability of our leaders. We have had four Conservative party leaders in four years. Important policy issues are not addressed. Instead tinkering around the edges of policy seems the best we get. Bad laws get pushed through or fruitless inconsequential decisions are made which improves the lives for no-one and achieves the opposite to the intended consequences, 20 mph regulations in Wales imposed by Drakeford before his resignation , the Rwanda plan for asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and refugees where Sunak’s government is split and the controversial conversion therapy ban which was on Theresa May’s desk five years ago in 2018 is hugely controversial and when our religious liberty is at stake, so are many of our other freedoms. 

UK Ministers have stressed the need to protect religious freedom and free expression in any ban on conversion therapy from Westminster. John Mason MSP was one of only two MSPs in the debate to raise concerns about a potential impact on religious liberty. He urged parliament to be “careful about definitions” and “not attempt to interfere in freedom of religion or belief”. SNP colleague Alasdair Allan MSP added that any measures should not be about “restricting religious teaching or preaching”.


Responding to the debate, Let Us Pray, a campaign that opposes over-broad conversion therapy legislation, said:
“Scottish politicians need to understand that their duty to protect religious freedom includes protecting beliefs they disagree with. The courts have consistently held that mainstream Christian views on marriage and gender are ‘worthy of respect in a democratic society’ and protected by human rights and equality law”.
“All this highlights the importance of continuing to pray and making our voices heard. Scottish politicians, and their counterparts around the UK, must not support laws that would prevent Christians from praying, offering pastoral support, or teaching the Gospel. Parents must be free to raise their children in accordance with their beliefs”


We must engage with what is going around us. Our opponents would relish any opportunity to stop us speaking truth as the gospel offends. But it also sets free, and he who is set free is free indeed. What we want is a focused compassionate government who understands the urgency of the hour, the countries priorities and the ability to face the challenges and make good wise decisions for the majority of the people. The government should make good laws that stand the test of time and deliver benefits for all regardless of who gets the credit. 

We are encouraged to see Kemi Badenoch speaking clearly on difficult issues. We are encouraged to hear Nazir Afzal explain how as a child he was bullied in school but he turned it around to work for the CPS to prosecute those gangs who groomed girls in Rochdale because he wasn’t afraid to get to the truth. He is known as the voice for the ignored. There is a reason MPs talk about the silent majority in this country. It’s time this silence is broken and we all make an impact where we are.   

We are looking for Christians willing to stand in their constituency with the skills needed to engage with the general public, the ability to listen and the ability to tell them what we stand for. During election time, we have an opportunity to talk about political issues to people who are open to discussion. 

If that is you, call us today on 01597 825151 and let’s make an impact together for good