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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not know much about politics; where do I begin?
Should we trust politicians?
What do people mean by a change of culture?
Broken promises by our Governments
What do you stand for?
What is your doctrinal basis?
What does a Christian Party local councillor look like?
How does repentance relate to voting?
How do I vote for the Christian party ?
How do I get on to the electoral register or change my details?
Can my small donation help?
Why do you not stand as Independents for local councils?
Why do we need Christian Party politicians?
Why should a Christian Party exist?
Why does the country need the Christian Party?
Is a Christian Party not dangerous?
What is a Christian policy?
What is the cost of abandoning Christianity?
Does a Christian Party lead to a theocracy?
How is freedom of speech under threat?
Where are we with Equalities legislation?
Is there discrimination against Christians?
What are your views on human rights?
What are your views on social justice?
Where are your policies ?
What ideas do you have for electoral reform?
Why did we not have a candidate in our area?
How can we have a candidate?
Why do your election leaflets not explain your policies?
Why do you bring religion into politics?
Surely religion and politics do not mix?
What is the Establishment Principle?
What are your results so far?
Which organisations do you support?
Are there not two Christian parties? 
What about the muslims?
What is wrong with the Tories?
Why do you call our Government hapless?
Why do you call our current Government high-handed?
Why do you keep talking about corruption?
What do you mean by a new morality?
What is government by stealth?
What is government by trial and error?
What is the politics of incrementalism ?
What is wrong with our education system?
What is wrong with the Greens?
Why do you have so much to say about homosexuality?
What is the difference between Purple, Green and Pink?
What are your views on Government cuts?
What are your views on the rich and taxes?
Do you believe in local democracy for the delivery of local public services?
What are your policies regarding renewable energy?
What is your policy on marriage?
Do you agree with referenda on important issues ?
What is the Alternative Vote (AV) Referendum?
Why do you say that we need the grace of the Gospel in modern society?
Are we not in a post-Christian era?